"I have been a client of Cindy Morabito's for the past four years.  I have found her to be quite skilled and very attentive to my massage needs.  I am glad she is going to achieve her dream in California, but at the same time I am sad to see her leave Henderson.  I will miss her and I recommend her highly."

Michael C. Dalbor, Ph.D.

Professor, University of Nevada Las Vegas


"I have had the priviledge of being on the receiving end of Cindy Morabito's considerable massage therapy skills for the past six years.  Her quiet confidence and exceptional intuitive connection have helped ease physical discomfort brought on by stress and left me walking away in a peaceful and appreciative state.  Cindy is very grounded in who she is as well as providing a very simple and relaxing environment.  I highly recommend her and hope to engage in many more massages with her in the future.  She really makes a difference for a lot of people!"

Cindy Wix Ingling


"During my last trip to Las Vegas, I was highly disappointed to hear Cindy Morabito had moved to California.  I am an active duty Army Soldier with family in Las Vegas that I visit 3 to 4 times a year on average.  With every trip home, I booked a massage with Cindy.  As someone with an extremely active and physically demanding life style, I cannot express the relief she was able to provide with my visits.  I attribute Cindy directly to the increase in range of motion, ease of use and over flexibility of my shoulder which I had broken in 2009.  In addition to the relief with my shoulder, I always left Cindy's table completely relaxed and feeling rejuvenated.  Looks like my Vegas road trips will now have to be re-routed through Big Bear California."

SSG Jonathan Ernst

United States Army


"You are an incredibly skilled therapist who is very in tune with your clients' individual needs, and meets those needs in a kind and caring manner.  I also appreciate (of course you know I'm a teacher!) how you continuously are learning new techniques and keeping up with the latest by extending your knowledge base.  You're a wonderful massage therapist, a loving person, and a great friend."

Michelle & Dirk Feinblatt



 From SpaFinder.com -- Cielo Salon and Spa, Henderson, NV:

"This was the best massage I have ever gotten.  Cindy was very careful and listened to me.  I will go back."   KimK

"Cindy was the first massage therapist that truly wanted to heal me! Her expertise on my back pain was extraordinary.  She went above and beyond any massage therapist I have ever experienced."  SherronD

"...after getting massages for over 20 years at Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons and Canyon Ranch at the Venetian; Cindy was the best of any of them!  She listened to where I needed the most work and even found trouble areas I did not even know I had.  She is better than amazing ..."  TeriM

"Cindy is absolutely fantastic and worked out a lot of my tension in my back and neck.  She is absolutely knowledgeable in what she does and takes the time to explain things and also gives tips on reducing stress.  I would recommend her to anyone!"  Shilo R

"The tension in my back and neck had really made a bad day worse, so I decided to book a massage with Cindy, AMAZING, she found every tension knot in my back and a few I didn't even know were there...my neck hasn't been this loose in what seems like years.  Strong hands and a good ear allowed Cindy to massage away my bad day..."  S.D.A.